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Conveyor's Idlers And Pulleys

Shiv Shakti Group has commenced his work for conveying systems and its spares from 2001. Also Shiv Shakti group has completed many successful conveying systems for Mining Industries as well as Ginning Industries in all over world including.
  • Bucket Elevator System,
  • Belt conveyors,
  • Pneumatic Systems,
  • Storage systems etc...

Manufacturing Capacity

  • Conveyor Idlers (up to of 2400 mm belt width as per customer need)
  • Conveyor Pulleys (up to 800 mm OD and pipe length up to 2000mm width as per customer need)

Principal functions of Idlers

  • Support the belt with material on carrying side and only belt for return side.
  • Rotate to keep the belt moving smoothly.
  • Work reliably under the hardest of conditions, with low energy consumption, for as long as possible.

Standards for Idlers

We can manufacture on request for following standards
  • As per customer need
  • IS 8598
  • ISO 1537
  • IPSS-2-03-004-85
  • CEMA
  • DIN 22107
Dimension Details of Belt conveyor Idler is a little different for each and every standard.

Construction of Rollers

  • Shell (Tube)
    Generally special ERW tube as per IS: 9295 is used for close tolerance and smooth surface finish while order is in bulk quantity. Any pipe must be machined to close tolerance. Close tolerances on concentricity, Ovality and Thickness of the shell enable the conveyors to run smooth without any vibrations which can damage conveyor structures.

    TIR (Total Indicator run out) on tube OD is maintained as per IS standard up to 1.6mm along length for Idler length below 1350mm and 2 mm for idler length 1350mm and above.

  • Shaft (Spindle)
    Generally Solids Shaft confirming to IS: 9590 Bright Bar, EN8: BS970, C35/C45:IS1570. Spindles are manufactured from cold drawn bright bars of adequate capacity with perfect tolerances on concentricity and surface finish at bearing seating region to impart concentricity to roller and to ensure perfect fit between bearings and shaft. Maximum Shaft Deflection is maintained at bearings of 0.0029 radians.

  • Bearing, Bearing Housings and Seal Arrangements:
    Bearings can be used with C3/C4 Clearance for life time sealed lubricated type Idler and taper roller bearings for Regreasable type Idler.

    Bearing housing is made from Special extra-deep drawing quality CRCA strips are used which are extremely lightweight, thus reducing HP consumption and starting torque. Since the bearing housings have close tolerances on eccentricity and surface finish at the bearing seating region equivalent to those specified for outer races of the bearings as per bearing manufacturers, the life of bearings and bearing assemblies is much longer.

    Seal arrangement is designed to ensure perfect sealing of bearings from ingress of dust, water, slurry and other contaminations and negligible friction due to non-rubbing type of sealing arrangement permits roller for co-efficient of friction as low as 0.0165.
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