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Return Idler

These are located in the bottom part of the conveyor and support the belt on its return from the discharge point to the tail pulley. The designs of return sets are essentially the same as for carrying sets.

Return Flat Type Idler:

This idler is for supporting the return branch of the belt where a single roller is sufficient from the technical point of view. This type of idler’s spindle end type is mostly drop in type. Due to its simple design and affordable price this is one of the most popular means used for mounting rollers to support the return branch of the belt. It is preferred for belts up to 1400 mm in width.

Return Vee Type Idler:

This Idler is used for the return branch of larger width belt conveyors. It is fitted with a pair of equal length flat rollers which are angled at 10° from the horizontal.

Return Cantilever Type Idler:

This has the same structure as the carrying cantilever type idler but is used for the return branch. It is used for smaller width belts and lower speeds. Its advantage is that it is attached centrally therefore not requiring a supporting steel side structure as required by the other types of idlers.
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